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Since 1952

A pioneering spirit and the pride of dependability are at the heart of Balurghat.
Since our founding in 1952, each decade of operations has brought new breakthroughs that have encouraged new horizons and spurred progress. Maintaining a forward-thinking/visionary outlook over the years has enabled us to support growth both across the sectors we serve and the larger ecosystems we are a part of.
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Across time and verticals, Balurghat has retained its founding principles:

(1) Fulfill undertaken commitments
(2) Operate with transparency
(3) Go above and beyond to achieve the task at hand
(4) Be an asset and support to the larger community

As we boost our offering with robust, adaptable, and scalable tech solutions, we bring forward these guiding principles to uphold the standard of service and responsibility that have made Balurghat a trusted and respected name.
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One Step Ahead

Balurghat’s blend of experience and foresight is a powerful force, one that lets us anticipate and address needs and critical blockers ahead of time. Our key strengths lie in knowing, learning, and adapting to the situation at hand.
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Our team drives our success. In the fast-paced and detail-oriented landscape of logistics and transport, it is crucial for every member of the company to feel empowered and take ownership of processes. Our in-house team makes it possible for us to expand the horizons of our offering and maintain a stellar track-record of successful deliveries.

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Balurghat through the years

In 1952, Balurghat Transport Company is founded and sets its sights on driving transportation in East India. The company launches Air Services with a single plane running from Kolkata to 8 other locations, making an entrance into a new market.
1971 - 1980
Despite a significant loss when 9 steamers, each with 9 trucks of 9-ton capacity capsize in West Bengal, Balurghat perseveres. The company’s now well-established reputation bolsters its resilience and contributes to its recovery and advancement.
1991 - 2000
In 1993, Balurghat goes public, raising capital and expanding its reach even further. The company continues to invest in its operations, technology, and people, building a world-class logistics organization that can handle even the most complex and challenging projects.
The nationalization of air routes in 1963 transforms the aviation industry, and Balurghat Air Transport becomes Balurghat Technologies to adapt to the new regulations. The company continues to innovate and expand its reach, pivoting to road transport and providing reliable and efficient services to businesses.
1981 - 1990
Balurghat's reputation for excellence and expertise continues to grow, as does the company’s capabilities, enabling it to take on massive projects for Hindustan Paper Corporation, NALCO, HAL, and DCM Toyota.
2001 - Present
In the 21st century, Balurghat puts its best foot forward, investing heavily in technology to complement its services and fuel the growth and progress of companies across a rapidly developing India. As the country's economy continues to boom, Balurghat is well-positioned to help businesses of all sizes and industries thrive by providing the logistical support they need to succeed.

Future Roadmap

We are equipping ourselves and our partners with tools to launch forward like never before. As a powerhouse of essential and practical know-how, our tech-powered reinvention sees us opening doors for faster, more effective processes, incorporating environmental considerations, and further streamlining efficiency in Logistics.
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