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Bata India and Balurghat

One of Balurghat's long-standing clients.

Balurghat Technologies was honored to have Bata India, formerly known as Bata Shoe Company Private Limited, as one of its earliest clients. As a leading footwear retailer with a large distribution network, Bata India presented Balurghat Technologies with a significant challenge: to meet its evolving transportation needs while keeping up with the latest developments in the industry.

To address this challenge, Balurghat Technologies established a fruitful relationship with Bata India in the early 1960s. The company provided customized transportation services that were tailored to meet the specific needs of Bata India. This included delivering to not just major cities but also to many smaller cities. Balurghat Technologies also pioneered new developments in transportation on occasion to better serve Bata India, such as implementing real-time tracking and increasing delivery volume.

The result of this partnership was a win-win for both companies. Bata India was able to efficiently manage its growth and transportation needs with the help of Balurghat Technologies. This led to a strong and enduring business partnership between the two companies.


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