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Hindustan Paper Corp.

The Hindustan Paper Corporation project was carried out over a period of 5 years. From 1980 to 1985, Balurghat Technologies remained the sole contractor till the completion of the project.

In the early 1980s, Balurghat Technologies was contracted to deliver thousands of tons of material to the site of the Hindustan Paper Corporation's mill in Assam. The timing coincided with the Assam Movement, which presented the challenge of executing the delivery in the midst of social unrest and limited operations. The poor availability of materials in the area meant that all machinery, equipment, and raw materials had to be transported to the site; the social agitation meant that there was a lack of personnel to receive deliveries made it difficult to transport incoming material. Without the necessary materials on-site, development could not begin, and the land allocated to the Hindustan Paper Corporation would be reallocated by the government.

Balurghat navigated the deliveries despite the difficult circumstances. They operated on a good-faith basis, relying on the client's trust that the material would arrive in full. With meticulous planning, the company managed to deliver thousands of tons of material to the site without any client representatives available to receive it or sign off on it, ensuring that even the mill's heavy machinery was also delivered despite the ongoing unrest.

Balurghat Technologies' effective operation in an incredibly tough and sensitive situation ensured that the necessary materials were delivered, enabling development to commence on the site.


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