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National Aluminium Company Limited’s project in Orissa in 1982 was the biggest project of the Government of India at the time. With limited transportation infrastructure and the scale of the project brought new challenges every day.

The development of the Alumina-Aluminium complex in Orissa by the National Aluminium Company (NALCO) was a monumental undertaking for Indian infrastructure and a significant milestone for the state of Orissa, with the movement of several thousand tons of materials entrusted to Balurghat Technologies. Valued at 700 crores, this was a significant undertaking, requiring the movement of several thousand tons of materials.

However, transportation in the East and North East of India presented a significant challenge due to the lack of connectivity across rivers and poor road infrastructure. These factors made it challenging to deliver the materials on time and as per the project schedule. Balurghat Technologies had been establishing a foothold in managing logistics in the region, employing meticulous planning and on-ground operations to ensure that all deliveries were made on time.

The logistics team at Balurghat Technologies had to overcome several obstacles to ensure the timely delivery of materials. They worked closely with various stakeholders to ensure that all necessary permissions and clearances were obtained well in advance of the transportation schedule. The team also had to navigate through challenging terrain, including navigating across rivers and negotiating poor road conditions.

Despite these challenges, Balurghat Technologies was able to deliver all materials on time, meeting the project's strict schedule. The successful completion of the transportation of several thousand tons of materials for the NALCO project stands as a testament to Balurghat Technologies' commitment to delivering reliable, efficient, and cost-effective logistics solutions.


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