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Rajasthan Famine of 1988

Running a relief kitchen during a famine

In 1988, Rajasthan faced a severe drought and subsequent famine that left many people in dire need of food. As am organization that places a high priority on its own social responsibility, Balurghat recognized the gravity of the situation and felt a moral obligation to help. The challenge for the company was significant, as providing food to a large number of people during a crisis period was no small feat.

Despite the enormity of the task, Balurghat stepped up to the challenge and ran a kitchen in the affected area that provided food to over 3 lakh people, and continued to provide support until the Government declared the famine to be over.

The company's efforts were recognized by the State Government, which expressed gratitude to the Sethia family for their contributions to the relief efforts their positive impact in times of crisis.


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