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War and War Shelter

Sethia family offers shelter from the war of 1971

In the year leading up to the Indo-Pak War of 1971, the areas around the border began feeling the effects of the conflict. Balurghat, located next to the border of East Pakistan and India, faced shortages and bombing even before the war officially began.

The Sethia family was able to provide aid and shelter to the residents of the town who were affected by the war. In response to the situation, they opened up their ancestral home and other facilities such as the rice mill and petrol pumps to provide shelter and secure storage for residents of the town. They also made arrangements to provide food and other essential supplies to the people.

The shelter provided had a significant impact on the residents of Balurghat. Many people were able to find shelter and security during a time of great uncertainty and danger. The family's efforts were widely appreciated by the local community and the government for their commitment to providing aid and support during a time of crisis.


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