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What do you do when your delivery is held hostage?

Recollecting one of the rare incidents of a delivery truck being used as leverage.

Balurghat Technologies has a well-established driver-partner network, comprising of experienced and vetted individuals who understand the quality control requirements of the company. However, as with any industry or vendor, problems are inevitable. In this case, a rogue driver opted to hold a consignment "hostage" as leverage to renegotiate payment terms.

Holding a consignment "hostage" posed a significant challenge for Balurghat Technologies. The company's commitment to on-time deliveries meant that any delay would have serious consequences for their customer. At the same time, the company needed to resolve the issue without compromising the delivery itself or their reputation for timely delivery.

Balurghat Technologies has multiple checkpoints in the delivery process that allows for the quick identification problems as they occur. When the truck carrying the consignment went "missing," the company's representatives were quickly on the ground in the area. They had the experience to know who to speak to, engaged the help of toll authorities, locals, and utilized newly set up cameras along the stretch of highway to locate the missing truck.

The missing truck was found, and a replacement driver was able to fulfill the delivery, thanks to the company's overall view, meticulous attention to detail, experience, and sound processes. By quickly addressing the situation, Balurghat Technologies ensured that their customer received their consignment on time, without compromising on quality or reputation. In an industry where countless things can go wrong, the team's ability to address needs with the right solution proved to be key to  success.


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